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  • The entrance fee for NO BASS NO GLORY – HARDCORE IS OUR RELIGION needs to be paid in cash at the entrance desk,
    or by handing in e-tickets, provided by the organisation.
    important: entrance paid by bank card is not possible! PIN is only available to buy tokens/coins!!
  • The minimum age for this event is 18 and above.
  • The dresscode is ‘Hardcore’. Sports clothes and sneakers are allowed.
  • It is pemitted to take photos and bring your camera.
  • You can be asked for an ID, so be sure you have your ID or passport at hand.
  • Jackets, coats, bags and other can be stored at the wardrobe, provided at the event location.
  • Smoking on the event itself is only allowed in the designated smoking area.
  • Consumptions can be bought by coins/tokens which are available at the event.
  • After 2:00am there is no entrance anymore. Make sure you are on time!
  • Acces to the event can be denied if one is in posession and/or under influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • As protection for everyone’s safety, the staff can frisk/search through your belongings. If you will not coorperate with this, entrance to the event can be denied
  • 22-24 Club & Event, and NBNG Events as an organisation, have the right to hand matters to the police in case of any sort of violence or crime.
  • 22-24 Club & Event, and NBNG Event as an organisation have the right do deny entrance to visitors in case this is neccesary.

Tickets can be bought by clicking the button below. Tickets are also available on FacebookPartyflock and Eventbrite. It is also possible to pay entrance at the door for a different price. So make sure you get your tickets today and grab that discount.The entrance fee for NO BASS NO GLORY needs to be paid in cash at the entrance desk, or by handing in e-tickets, provided by the organisation. important: entrance at the door, cannot be paid by Bank card/pin!
PIN is ONLY available to buy tokens/coins.


When trying to park your car as closely to the event location, the closest option would be the parking area at the ‘kapoeniestraat‘. However, parking space there is limited and a great part of it are for residents with a parking license.

When this parking space is full, the best option would be, to park your car at the Varkensweide parking lot. This parking lot is just before you cross the Oude Ijssel bridge. Parking is free. From the Varkensweide it is about a 10min walk to Club 22-24.
Click below for directions.


An event from NBNG Events should be available for everyone. Even for people with walking disabilty. However, we must point out, that the wardrobe and dancefloor at Club 22-24 are ONLY AVAILABLE BY STAIRS. If you happen to be in a wheelchair, please take this in consideration, when planning to visit our event! There are also no elevators.


More information will be added here if neccesary. We hope you will enjoy your visit at our event. For more information, please check out our social media, mentioned above.




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